How We Got Here

What happens when you cross two sisters, one a court reporter and one a nurse, with an “a-ha” moment? You get a revolutionary idea and begin traveling the path from concept to market.

We all know the struggle of trying to avoid “plumber’s crack.”  You know what we mean – that awful feeling of your back sticking out, your shirt riding up, your panties peeking. Uncomfortable and embarrassing!

One night at our son’s high school basketball game, I asked my husband why he was sitting on the bottom bleacher when clearly the view higher up was much better?  He said it was too awkward to sit behind the moms when their butts were hanging out.  The idea for Tucktails struck like lightning.  After the game, a pair of kitchen scissors and a travel sewing kit transformed a couple of worn-out camisoles into the first prototype.

After a few years of product development, endless phone calls and emails, and hours upon hours of research and chasing down experts with questions, we were ready to launch Tucktails.

Enjoy wearing your clothes with comfort and confidence.  And tell your friends you found us.  Here at Tucktails, we think of all our customers as girlfriends.


What are Tucktails?

Tucktails are uniquely-designed camisoles that keep you covered, no matter what.

They are:

  • Tucktails keep you covered, no matter what.
  • Shorter in the front – no muffin tops or crotch bunch.
  • Tapered around the sides – no jelly rolls on the hips.
  • Quick-dry nylon/spandex – so you can wear them in any weather. And they won’t make you sweat!
  • Washer/dryer friendly.
  • Smooth – they won’t roll up or cling to your clothing.
  • Beautiful – wear them to be seen.
  • Excellent quality and practically indestructible.
  • A fashion problem-solver, according to O, The Oprah Magazine.

No muffin tops at the waist


No jelly rolls on the hips.


Long tail to keep you covered