Rough Life

Rough Life

I never know how to react when people say they hate me.  Actually, people don’t say it; friends do.   You’re so thin – I hate you.  You live at the beach – I hate you.  You’re so tall – I hate you.

The thin thing takes a little work and a lot of vegetables, it’s not just the luck of the genes, so I’m not sure why I catch flack for it.   I affectionately, and I think accurately, refer to our home two miles from the sand as ‘The Love Shack”, so you get the idea there.  And the tall comments always baffle and embarrass me.  That IS the luck of the genes.  I find those comments, well, weird.

The other tired, old catchphrase is, Rough life.  You post a picture to your social media from a restaurant, and several comments read, Rough life.   You share some good news – Rough life.

Everyone has their own sack of troubles; I certainly have mine.   But everything is in your perspective, right?   Take today, for example.  I’m having a rough day.  You know the kind:  You learn an important lesson but you still want to scream, or throw up, or both.

It got me thinking about reframing my idea of a rough life.

R – Resilient.   Starting Tucktails wasn’t just some great idea that popped in my head one day and the next day Oprah Magazine is calling them a “fashion problem-solver.”  (Really, she did.  Pretty cool, huh?)  No, I had a dozen really, really bad ideas over the years, cringe-worthy ideas that seemed brilliant at the time.  And each time I got knocked on my butt, I got back up.

O – Optimistic.  There is always hope.  I don’t have all the answers.  I don’t even have most of the answers.  But I do have faith.

U – Uncompromising.   Trust your gut, I tell myself over and over.   Strive for perfection, without being a stressed-out lunatic.  Don’t let people try to change you.  It’s simple stuff, but can sometimes be hard to remember as the days go zooming past.   Truth to self equals a peaceful life, as long as your personal truth doesn’t involve trampling others.

G – Grateful.   The most important component of my rough life is gratitude.  Each morning, the first thought in my head is, Good morning, God.  Before anything else, I read a few short stories about the lives of the saints, the daily Mass readings, say a rosary, then let my Bible fall open to any random passage through which the Lord wishes to speak to me.   As I’m reading, always in my mind is a spirit of thanks.

H – Happy.  Practicing all of the above can’t come to any result other than happiness.  I’m not saying I’m never crabby.  I definitely can be – especially when I’m hungry, or learning lessons that make me nauseous, or both.   But that’s easily fixed with either a cheese stick, or a nap, or both, and then it’s back to happy.

I still feel kinda crappy.  And I am having a day that’s not going to make it to my list of favorites.   But the next time someone remarks about my rough life, I’m just going to say thank you and wish them the same.  Now, let me grab an afghan.  I need a nap!