Nurses' Week

Nurses’ Week

Celebrating Nurses Week

Chances are at some point in your life you’ve encountered a nurse, those brave souls willing to do what it takes for the well-being of strangers – right down to cleaning up blood, puke, and poop.  That’s a special kind of calling. My sister is a nurse, so I’ve heard some crazy and amazing stories.

For Nurses Week 2017, let’s all just take a moment to thank a nurse.  Personally, I like to thank nurses all year round; they’re among our best customers.  One of my favorite memories selling Tucktails happened at the Down East Holiday Show in Greenville, NC last year.  Just passing by our display, a young woman immediately knew what Tucktails were about – keeping your butt covered when sitting, stooping or bending – especially in scrubs. Her eyes widened. She fished in her purse, produced a credit card, exclaimed, Oh, my gosh! – and bought five.  That was before I even had a chance to tell her they’re quick-dry AND can be tossed in the washer and dryer.

Not only are Tucktails sold online and in boutiques, but we’re expanding to uniform stores.  This year, to celebrate Nurses Week, we’ve partnered with McWilliams Uniform Shoppe in Danville, PA, to offer giveaways all week.   Visit them at 134 Mill Street, Danville, PA, or online.

We’re also sponsoring contests on our Instagram and Facebook pages.  Like our contest posts, follow our page, tag a friend in the comments, and you’re entered to win a free Tucktails. Winners will be announced May 13, 2017.

Kiss a nurse for luck!