Blogging the Journey

Blogging the Journey

This is long overdue.  I mean, way past the time I should’ve started.  That’s what happens when you take a running leap into the deep end of the entrepreneurial pool  – you’re immediately in over your head.  It feels great, and it’s exciting, but you quickly start thrashing around to keep from drowning.  So in my thrashing, and sometimes swimming, (but not yet, because I’m still learning) overlooked was the fact I should’ve been blogging this journey.

So, a little background…

You got here, so I’m guessing you’ve at least heard “Tucktails” but still may be unsure what they are, who’s behind them, and what it’s all about.

They’re the most essential evolution of lingerie in our lifetime.  At least that’s my opinion.

Gone are the days of wondering, Is my butt sticking out?  Can people behind me see my panties? Did I just scandalize that adorable family with those small children because I bent down to heft a giant bag of dog food into my grocery cart?  Did my son’s best friend’s father just flash crimson as I squatted to sit in front of him in these bleachers and my jeans slipped down past my equator?  AAAHHHH…. Stop the insanity.

So with a couple of old camisoles, a pair of kitchen scissors and a travel sewing kit, the prototype for Tucktails was fashioned.  They’re camis that are long in the back – to keep you covered, no matter what.  But we designed them to be functional.  I’m busy. What, you’re not?  Of course you are. Do you have time to straighten, pull, tug and untwist your underwear, or even to think about it, during your day?  I’m guessing not.  They’re standard length in the front and tapered around the hips– so there are no muffin tops or jelly rolls. (I have enough of the natural kind, thank you.)   The back is a tail. Get it, Tucktails?  Clever, huh?

The fabric is the hook, though.  It’s a nylon/spandex blend that is quick-dry.  Yeah, I said it – quick-dry. No sweating. (For any of us in our own personal summer, this is a good thing. Correction: This is a great thing.)  It’s so soft that I won’t even try to explain it in words. That is the number one comment we hear from ladies when we do pop-ups and shows: I can’t believe how soft these are! Oh, my gosh, feel this. Hey, Sally, I’m not kidding, come here – you’ve got to feel this.   The fact that they can be tossed in the washer and dryer with your regular laundry is an added bonus, especially considering the aforementioned busyness.

Well, now you know what Tucktails are.  I’ll add blogging to my to-do list. You’ll learn who we are and how we got here, and can follow us as we make our way into lingerie drawers everywhere.

Tucktails – We’ve Got Your Back.

~ Mary Ann